Thursday, January 10, 2008

Classes with Sharon and David

I have heard from everyone that Sharonji and Davidji's classes were very good. Can anybody share some good bits their class for teaching the focus of the month from them? Any of your own ideas would be great as well. I have been focusing on the importance of secrecy with some of your desires and prayers. And by not talking about it with many people you maintain in some instances a heightened special connection with and a stronger momentum to the realization of the prayer...


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

what it is

Hello everyone. First thank you for coming to my website and for checking out the blog. Although the website so far has only info on me I want it to become a forum for anyone who would like to use it. This blog is the beginning. Please use this to ask questions, post comments, share ideas etc. My hope is that through my travels and yours we will meet and inspire many beings. But once we leave it can become hard for us to maintain the sense of community we had created. This blog is a chance for us all to stay connected to each other...

more to come