Monday, July 26, 2010

SA All Day

My last day in South Africa and the living is easy....This has been an amazing trip. Teaching in Johannesburg has been incredible. Went to The University of Witswatersrand for a day and sat in on Cherryl's philosophy classes where the topic was utilitarianism and had lunch on Campus for 5 Rand! (less than a dollar)

Last weekend we made it down to Cape Town for 3 classes at Yoga Zone. Did not teach much and had a lot of time off which usually I do not like however, classes were great fun and the students there made it all worth it. Cherryl and I took a early morning walk up to Lions Head a beautiful small mountain overlooking Camps Bay. We got there in time to watch the sun come over the city and before anyone had really woken up. In both cities we found so really great vegan food. I thought it would be very difficult to eat here but when Cherryls husband Jarred was not cooking up a delicious meal at home most places were happy to offer vegan fare.

Today flying out to NYC 25hrs in total with a 6.5hr stopover in Amsterdam...darn.

Pictures to come...

Monday, July 19, 2010


The ability to rise and go beyond is the definition of transcendence. While this force constitutes our nature and fires our spirit, an honest exploration of it must contend with this counter question: Why, with a history so rich in noble ideals and lofty philosophies that reach for the transcendent, do we exhibit such abominable behaviors? Our violence towards ourselves and the planet is an issue that overshadows makes a mockery of all our high aspirations.

Excerpt from: Biology of Transcendence by Joseph Chilton Pearce

This is the book I am reading now and if you can pick it up. It is a bit dense but amazing. Mr. Pearce is also the author of The Crack in the Cosmic Egg

He goes on to explain new research in the field of Biology and Neuroscience and how it relates to the idea of transcendence and spiritual evolution.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


South Africa Saturday and Sunday... Last weekend teaching at Living Yoga in Johannesburg. Saturday started with a radio interview at 6am. I am not the best at the morning but we made it in time. I was interview with Sarah Bentz another Jivamukti teacher based here in JHB. We were on Talk Radio 702. I did not think that many people would be up on a sat at 6am but the host said there was about 80,000 people tuning in.

After the interview we came back to teach two classes and it was then I realized there were some amazing pictures of Cherryl Duncan co-owner of living yoga and fellow jivamukti teacher. Veganism is not very big in SA to say the least so Cherryl took it upon herself to start an amazing campaign to raise awareness. Above is just one picture of the series. for more please check out the website

Friday, July 16, 2010


Taught my first class in Africa today...very exciting. 4 more classes to go here before Capetown. A little cold here as it is winter. Tomorrow doing a radio interview with a national station. It starts at 6am though and I am not sure how many people will be up listening at that time on a to sleep now...

peace and light

Sharon-jis new CD

I had no idea that she had so many amazing reviews have you seen what people are saying?

“Of all human endeavors, music is perhaps closest to representing the world of the spirit. In music we attempt to render into form what is essentially formless, we attempt to describe what is beyond description, to frame silence, to measure infinity. This work has been Sharon’s mission not only in her practice of Yoga but also in the practice of music, where she applies the same dedication to the pursuit of the ineffable as she brings to her yoga practice, inspired, daring and essential.”Sting, musician
“Sharon Gannon is an enchanting chantress. On this beautiful album she breathes new life into these ancient Sanskrit mantras. "Deva Premal & Miten musicians
"Sharon Gannon has a heart that embraces the universe, and just as big. Emanating a boundless love and compassion for every living creature, she carries out her mission to heal the world every moment of every day through her yoga practice, her writing, her day to day living and through her music. Sharon believes in what she sings, and sings what she believes in-Love."John Zorn, musician/ composer
“When I am with Sharon I feel myself surrounded by her love and devotion. When I listen to her music it is the same experience—a door to a world of endless light is opened."Donna de Lory, musician
“Every decade or so an extraordinary artist comes along--someone who carries us to a new musical frontier, Sharon Gannon is such an artist. Her vocals soar, pure as fresh snow on the mountain, colorful and harmonic as a field of spring flowers bursting in colors. Creatively and musically this album is a milestone—the crossroads of Kirtan and Mainstream Pop where so many have tried to go, this record crosses that threshold and carries the genre along. It is delicious, satisfying, emotional, and inspiring. Genius! Bravo!"Larry Dvoskin , multi Grammy nominated musician/producer
“A stunning collection of prayers, chants and devotional songs effulgent with joy, spirit, shakti, musicality and sharon-ness......this CD perfectly expresses the radiance and sweetness of my good friend, Sharon Gannon”Jai Uttal, bhakti vagabond
"Sharon Gannon transports us to a world where all beings are safe, happy & free. Sharanam is spiritual medicine in the form of music"MC Yogi, rap artist

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Flying to South Africa today and had a 11hr stop~over in Paris. Luckily there is an amazing Jivamukti teacher here by the name of Carol Issa. I met her and she cooked up an amazing vegan lunch that saved me. Also had the chance to catch up with Mika Di Brito. Incredible musician and yoga teacher.

Carol took me on a long walk that got me ready for the next 10 hrs on my bum.

SA here we come....