Sunday, July 18, 2010


South Africa Saturday and Sunday... Last weekend teaching at Living Yoga in Johannesburg. Saturday started with a radio interview at 6am. I am not the best at the morning but we made it in time. I was interview with Sarah Bentz another Jivamukti teacher based here in JHB. We were on Talk Radio 702. I did not think that many people would be up on a sat at 6am but the host said there was about 80,000 people tuning in.

After the interview we came back to teach two classes and it was then I realized there were some amazing pictures of Cherryl Duncan co-owner of living yoga and fellow jivamukti teacher. Veganism is not very big in SA to say the least so Cherryl took it upon herself to start an amazing campaign to raise awareness. Above is just one picture of the series. for more please check out the website


Cherryl said...

Thanks Jules... South Africa is loving you. It's so exciting having you here.. So looking forward to this week and Cape Town !! thank you for coming all his way, it's a real treat.

Jessica said...

Liking the campaign picture.... Very inspirational to see teachers spreading the awareness about veganism. THANK YOUe