Sunday, May 27, 2012

Begin Again

One of the greatest teaching of the most simple sound of Om is that each moment is new. It is Pranavah, that which is always renewed. It is giving us an idea on how we might want to live, in a state of fresh, vibrant, creative and renewing energy. I find that in order for that to happen in my own life I have to be willing to question some of the most fundamental aspects of my being, my habits, desires, goals etc. This can be very difficult because it often means that I have to find the things I see so often, I cannot see them any more. I have to confront what has become "me". Some things serve me and some do not. Some allow me to grow as a person and some cause stagnation. Halasana is usually translated as plough pose. However hala can also be poison. Halasana can be called poison releasing pose. For the yogi the poison is stagnation. Just as the plough removes the stagnation from the soil so that new growth can come, the yogi focuses on removing the stagnation from their ways of being. This can be tricky, even the practices of yoga can reinforce the same tendencies we are trying to move past. There are a few things that can help with this removal of stagnation that we will get into over the next few months such as integration of practices into daily life, being with a teacher, veganism, being a spiritual activist and more.

Peace Love and Vegetables...