Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adventures with Engrish

That U is upside down

Get to Fukun this way....

A Fukun spa...

Adventures with Food

Taiwan is such an incredible spot for eating veggies. Unlike most places in NY and other cities I have visited most of the food prepared is not in the form of fake meat (which is a fav of mine) but soooo many different vegetable dishes. The picture below is from a buffet inside a mall??? All vegan and a plate filled to the brim cost about $2.75 crazy town.

The same evening was market vegetables with truffle oil...the tater tots is actually what put me over the top when I was trying to decide which dish.

The next day we went to a spot that sells only Baozi or steamed buns. It looked shady but the food was great.

The last one was a kicker. A garden that had only water lilies and a restaurant in the middle of a pond. Much of the food and the tea was also made from water lilies. 8 Course meal. Some pics i included but I got sick of taking pictures of food. 

Vegan on the road is not hard in Taipei mostly because of the influence of Buddhism and Taoism. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Asian Adventures

Yesterday I started a month long adventure in Asia. The first teaching location is in Taipei but there are no direct flights from NY. So began with a 14 hour flight to Narita in Tokyo.

Narita is a "fun" airport as far as airports go. They have a whole cultural section where you dress up like a samurai or do some classic Japanese style printing or painting. 

There was a pharmacy that played only Beatles music and had this sign in front... 
I got my connection to Taiwan and after a total of about 21 hours of travel closer to 24 actually door to door, I made it. 

The hotel I staying in looks really nice in pictures and is very comfortable but there is no manual control for the air conditioner so it is freezing.....

This weekend begins the classes and workshops all sponsored by Agoy.