Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adventures with Food

Taiwan is such an incredible spot for eating veggies. Unlike most places in NY and other cities I have visited most of the food prepared is not in the form of fake meat (which is a fav of mine) but soooo many different vegetable dishes. The picture below is from a buffet inside a mall??? All vegan and a plate filled to the brim cost about $2.75 crazy town.

The same evening was market vegetables with truffle oil...the tater tots is actually what put me over the top when I was trying to decide which dish.

The next day we went to a spot that sells only Baozi or steamed buns. It looked shady but the food was great.

The last one was a kicker. A garden that had only water lilies and a restaurant in the middle of a pond. Much of the food and the tea was also made from water lilies. 8 Course meal. Some pics i included but I got sick of taking pictures of food. 

Vegan on the road is not hard in Taipei mostly because of the influence of Buddhism and Taoism. 

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