Monday, April 12, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010


One of the good things about jet lag is that when you wake up at 3:45am you have time to walk to the water and watch the sunrise...sun in the sky and a sun painted on the ground. Walked over to the swings and watched the sun come up the rest of the way over the east river.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poor dog

All last night I heard a dog crying. So today after classes went looking. I found a dog chained in a parking lot. Not more than 6-9 months. Took a walk and found some street vendors selling what looked like meat. Bought some and gave it to the dog who was super scared. He or she ate it up in seconds so had to go buy more. I am sad that I cannot do more but hopefully there will be no need for it to cry tonight. What good is teaching yoga of practicing asana when all around us a hell realm for other creatures. Why become more flexible when we refuse to extend an hand to help another being who is suffering. Please when you can be of service do what you can. People looked t me like I was crazy. In South Korea dogs are not treated well unless they are a poodle or yorkie. Never doubt the power of compassion or the power of your actions they are the only things that matter.

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The last day in Saga I went with Megumi to see where she got her drinking water. Every two weeks or so her and her husband Steve go collect water from a natural spring. The pic below is Megumi and Yusui. The sign for the spring is basically saying Amrit

After gettig the water we went for a nice log hike and below are some pictures. If you are in japan please check out Saga. Also Steve and Meg are getting a write up in the national paper for being vegan and growing their own food.


The sign says beware if dangerous crows that drop rocks on cars.

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