Thursday, January 27, 2011


Early this morning started the 8th largest winter storm in NYC history. It snowed yesterday as well and I was worried that they might close the NYC public schools. I had made an appointment to teach a yoga class to 6th graders at P.S. 161. Located on 133rd on the west side I was invited by a woman I had met at the Jivamukti Cafe; Lindsay Brown. She is a music teacher and she was able to clear most of the floor space in the room an we got pretty much straight to business. Lindsay's relationship with the class allowed for a very fun and fast paced experience. It did not feel like 50min at all. We were able to go over some asanas (down dog, warrior 1, warrior 2, mountain) sing om...we did it loud (really loud), quiet and in the middle. Even a few moments silence at the end.

I wished i had taken some pictures.

Thank you to Lindsay, all of the young folks from the wed music class at 161 and my mom who was also a public school teacher.