Thursday, November 17, 2011

Om Shanti South America

Incredible classes and people on this trip. A few places that you should check out if you are planning a trip to South America

In Bogota, Colombia please visit Yoga Studio Colombia. It is a great spot with Jivamukti and Anusara classes and many more. Food was a bit difficult when we ate out but did find one fun place Quinua y Amaranto. Although not all the way vegan it was easy enough to order and they have a preset lunch menu which made it easy to choose.

Sao Paulo was next on the list and I had so much fun walking around and looking at all the graffiti. Although it was expensive in general I found some great food. My favorite was a tie between a place called Maha Mantra and Vegacy. Maha Mantra was buffet style (which is very popular in Sao Paulo) which had Indian style food for the most part and again although not totally vegan the options were great not too mention the fact that the most friendly people in all of Sao Paulo work there...not kidding. Vegacy as the name implies was a total vegan spot and had many traditional food items with a vegan twist. It was so good I went back twice and even got some food to take on the plane. I taught at a yoga studio called Yoga Flow which had a beautiful space.

Stop number three was Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eating out did not happen as I stayed with an incredible family and they cooked a decent amount and I did as well. Days I spent teaching at a lovely studio called Kaladanda. Owned by a Jivamukti teacher the feeling of the space is great. The students (although few) were so inspirational and excited about Jivamukti Yoga. The nights were late, there is nothing like a party in Buenos Aires...

Finally Lima, Peru. I am not done with my trip in Lima yet still have one more class to go. But so far its great. This whole trip would not be possible without Ximena Savitch. A Peruvian Jivamukti teacher based in NY. She set everything up including the place we are staying at now...her parents house. Never had so much fun with someone else's parents. Been eating so much, the food is cheap and there are so many veggy spots I dont know what to do with myself. The ones I really enjoyed do not have websites, they are a little bit ghetto but some of thebest food I have ever had. All of them in Mira Flores. Class tomorrow at Lima Yoga. Come by if you are around...

Peace, Love and Vegetables

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