Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Soooooo teaching PURE in asia for the first time outside of the Asia Yoga Conference. Today teaching an Open class assisted by the amazing Jivamukti Teachers here in Taipei. Lynn, Nora and Shanti have been taken amazing care of me not too mention Suming. Suming took the jivamukti teacher training in 2007 at the suggestion of her daughter. She had not taken Jivamukti before and had no idea how intense it was going to be. She just trusted her daughter and showed up...amazing no? Especially if you know what the Jivamukti TT is like. She has been allowing me to stay at her amazing apt. I wish I could show a picture. You can see most of Taipei out of her window. I will try to post something later. Whenever I find myself in a new place I pick one direction and walk as far as I can and then walk back...choose another direction walk as far as I can and then back soooo of for my walk...peace


Lifang said...

Thank you, Jules, for enlightening me with such an uplifting jivamukti yoga open class & the dhara-radha krishna satsang! Blessings & Love to you, Suming, Lynn, Nora, and all the wonderful Taipei's yoga practitioners who joined the class just now ~ : )shantih

Jules said...

I was so happy to be there you are an amazing host...see you again soon

See said...

Dear Jules, your surprised-teaching enlightened me powerfully. i learn, i do, i change, and i am happy. thanks for your lots of love.
See u soon.