Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vegan in Nagoya

Its not always easy being vegan in Japan in fact one might say it can be freggin hard. The first meal in Nagoya consisted of fries and a lot of them...the veggy burger was not vegan so some of us had to pass...

we ate all of them

The second spot was much easier and although the picture may not be amazing the food was. It was Sri Lankan curry and the place could only fit about 7 people...tiny japanese style

Finally we made it to my favorite spot in Nagoya. A place called Nagoyaka. Please check out there blog. If you do not speak Japanese then it may be hard but the picture are nice and its a good opportunity to learn some Japanese...maybe not. Anyway if you are ever in Nagoya please check them out...this is a pic with me and the owner forgot to take a pic of the food...

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