Friday, December 17, 2010


This blog update is brought to you by the amazing internet access at the Vodafone store in the center of Prague. About 6 inches of snow here but as with all cities it melts quickly with salt, cars and general dislike of the snows impact on the daily routines. Teaching an open class in a few hours with Martina an amazing Jivamukti and presence here in Prague.

I wanted to share a story that happened on December 7th my birthday. I was fortunate to have so many birthday calls and wishes in so many forms. I do not usually celebrate my birthday and ask people to donate to an animal charity instead of giving me gifts.

Emma Henry a dear friend and Jivamukti teacher in London was with me on my birthday and siad she had gotten me a surprise present. I was not excited. I picked her up after class and I was surprised indeed. She had put together some nuts and seeds for us to feed to the birds on our way to dinner. I was touched and the birds were very thankful. The winter is hard on us humans but especially so on the other animals. Where do birds eat during the winter. We have taken over so much of the land and given back to so little.

So please next time you go for a walk this winter bring some seeds and feed the birds or whatever animals that you find are in need humans or otherwise

Peace, Love and Vegetables

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