Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vegan Food at Heathrow Airport

A few weeks ago after the amazing Jivamukti Tribe Gathering I was flying from London to Munich to teach at the Jivamukti schools there. I had not had anything to eat before leaving and was not expecting much maybe just some beans and toast. After walking around terminal 2 for about 15 minutes I can across a restaurant called Giraffe. After looking at the menu I realized they had a few vegan options even veggie sausages. The waiter was extremely nice and was very much aware of what was and was not vegan and in fact the sausages were vegan! I was able to get a whole vegan breakfast. First time ever in all my travels that I was able to have such an easy time with vegan breakfast. If you are passing through London please check this place out. It is incredible how quickly things are changing and it is all because people are asking for it. Whenever I am in a restaurant I ask what is vegan even if I already know as it makes the wait staff question and let's the management know that there is a demand for vegan food. It is a good practice and you can do it anywhere.

Peace, Love and Vegetables.

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Annalee said...

Yeah I like em...them veggies...I hear them call to me as I walk this plain of concrete. Alas I am at a loss of which to choose. I like them all and marvel at their goodness. When I can get them into my body I say always the same thing, "Why have I waited so long to eat you?'
Annalee Sinclair