Thursday, February 24, 2011

Michael Franti in KY

I took this at a Michael Franti concert Ocotber 2010. Had was in Kentucky as I was teaching in Loveland Ohio at the World Peace Yoga Jubilee/ Jivamukti Satsang. So I snuck out with MC Yogi and Amanda and we went to this. This show he was on fire and playing from his new album the Sound of Sunshine as well as some classics. If you do not know him please check out his music it is becoming a lot more mainstream which is an amazing thing. The we have him in the spotlight the better. He also have a great documentary called "I know I am not alone" very moving about the healing power of music and communication as he travels to Iraq, Israel, and Palestine. This clip is a bit short and not great quality but you can hear him pretty well.

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