Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Something a bit different

I have been in NYC for about a week now and it feels great to be able to practice at Jivamukti whenever I want and I do not have to teach. I was catching up with a friend who has been practicing at Jivamukti for many years and she said she was reading about my travels via my blog. I replied that you must not know very much as I am the worst when it comes to linear blogging, she agreed adding that I mostly talk write about vegan findings at airports. Taking a picture of a snowman chilling on the park bench in Thompkin Square, on my way back from a yoga class, I found a bunch of pictures that I had forgotten about featuring some other great beings. Here is the first one. It is actually from maybe 2 yrs ago in Berlin with the amazing Andreas.

ॐ शांति
As I was writing this out I noticed a "type in Hindi option" in my tool bar...When did that get there?

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