Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jivamukti Global Satsang

Tonight is the last night here at the Jivamukti Global Satsang / World Peace Conference. It has been such a great time. Today I had the joy of listening to two incredible beings Gabriel Cousens and Will Tuttle. After a tasty vegan feast for dinner Chloe Jo Davis and Alexandra Jamieson gave a beautiful talk on finding love in our communities. They were followed up by the one and only Julia Butterfly Hill. Author, activist and world changer if you are not sure who she is please visit The evening would not be complete without some chanting and we had some of the best. First up was a group called The Jais. Started by Rama himself Jeffrey Cohen. Next up was Donna Delory who's voice is so crystal clear. This is a one of a kind conference.

YouTube Video

Peace, Love and Vegetables

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