Thursday, April 10, 2008


Lots of it here...I am ready for a veggie burger and some fries from curly's like you wouldn't believe please check them out Seoul is great and I got to walk around a lot yesterday with my Korean big sister. Its amazing how differnt the skyline is from NY. You can see small hills sitting in front of large building and it is an interesting contrast. Checked out some Korean graffiti which is pretty tight. You can check out the video below. Today is the last day of Open and Basic classes. Jai Yoga Studio and I are donating all the money made from todays class to an animal shelter outside of Seoul. The students are excited about it and the class should be great. Leave Korea on Monday to Japan for a day and get back to NY on Tuesday the 15th of April which is about a month earlier the originally planned. I will be teaching my regular classes at the downtown center starting on Thursday the 16th. Perhaps I will see you then.

Peace and Light

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NICE...what's next???