Thursday, April 3, 2008

I've got Seoul

Seoul, South Korea a little past 6:15 on Thursday the 3rd of April. I've been here for about four days. So far its been great. Class sizes have not been as large as Japan but this is only my 2nd time here. I am staying pretty much in the very center of Seoul which is cool as I can walk around for hours and see the city. Its my favorite way to explore. I just walk as far as I can in one direction then walk back to my point of origin then off in another direction. I am staying with my boy Tomo. I wish I could post more pics of him and the center I am teaching at but my camera is not working. Awesome. Tomo is trained in macrobiotic cooking and he is the man in the kitchen. Which is good because its not so easy to eat vegan without speaking the language. The food is the bomb if you can find and Tomo know all the spots. I am teaching at a place called Jai Yoga you can check it out at it a dope spot and the woman that owns it, Jaya, is super sweet and really is supporting the Jivamukti method. This weekend there are two workshops one is an Introduction to Jivamukti going into the 5 tenets and the other is called Living Liberated explaining how to use the tools of the method in every day life to draw us closer to the goal of yoga. Hopefully by then I will have a camera and can share some pics with ya.


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you are welcome in seoul all the time!!!!!