Monday, April 13, 2009


I got into Kamakura yesterday and it was beautiful. I spent the day on the beach and walked around the town. There are two vegan friendly restaurants here and both were amazing. Magokoro was the first one I went to. Duncan Wong suggesteed it to me. Almost everything is made from kind of place. Kamakura is known for the big Daibutsu a statue of Lord Buddha a couple hundred years old and hollow. I was in Kamaura about 3 years ago and took a mini self tour and went inside the statue it was really cool. This trip I am trying to avoid the tourist spots. I am staying outside of Kamakura with the Founders of the Kamakura Yoga Society. Both worked for Patagonia for many years and are very hip. The town seems to revolve around surfing and wind surfing. Everyone is very laid back and chill. Kumiko one of the co-founders is working very hard to set up a strong yoga community in Kamakura. I took her Hatha Yoga class last night. She was a bit nervous to have me in there but she did great. The towns on the coast here are so small that there is an amazing opportunity to create a strong community. I am thinking of coming back to Japan in September and if I do I will definitely make a trip back to Kamakura for a satsang event and a larger scale workshop/Jivamukti weekend. Please check out their website here


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