Monday, April 13, 2009


After Fukouka I went straight to Osaka and taught a workshop at Studio Yoggy. I did not plan on teaching there this trip so the classes were small but fun. The studio is Anusara based so the students had a lot of fun with the vinyasa section of class. Afterwards we had dinner and I made my way back to Kyoto. I stayed at Duncan Wong`s house for the next few days commuting to Osaka in the morning........Uuuussssss(yogic arts speak). The next day I met a friend from London at Kyoto station who would be traveling with me for the next few days. The weather in Kyoto was freaking amazing. Since it is in a valley it gets pretty hot in the summer and cold in the winter. We were there just in time to see the Sakura in bloom...soooo beautiful. The following night Duncan came back from Tokyo with his younger sister who lives in Cali. I had not spent any time with Duncan in a long time so it was nice to catch up and learn what he is up to. Yogic Arts is going strong but he said he would be coming to NY to spend some time with Sharon and David in woodstock as he is interested in bringing more of the Jivamukti philosophy into his teaching. I am so happy that Dunks is doing this as we can begin to teach together and since he has such a commanding presence and strong following people really listen to him. The two days we spent together was so relaxing. Dunks has a bad boy reputation in some places but he was the most chill of all of us. He is also an amazing cook and host. Every morning he made a feast for the four of us. I also learned something new about him. He is a neat freeeeak. Oh my gosh he was vaccuuming at a rate that would make an OCD person jealous. Ha I could not believe it, very funny.

Anyway the scenery there is beautiful and I am going to post some pics later but I do not have my camera right now...of course.


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