Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Asana Dance

Last weekend was incredible. Sharonji and Davidji came out of Dance retirement for an outstanding performance with Sandhi and Louis. Omega hosted a weekend conference in NYC entitled Being Yoga. I was not able to make it to classes as I was teaching for most of the time the conference was happening but I did have the opportunity to go on Friday night. The evening began with a performance by MC Yogi. He got the energy up in the room as we chanted to Ganesh to help remove obstacles for Obama on his way to the whitehouse. He then made way for Sharonji and Davidji. The people in the room gave a warm welcome not to mention loud. You have to understand the dynamics of the situation though. As yoga has become popular many teachers have become stuck out and helped to shape the contemporary face of yoga in the west. Sharon and David are two of these people. They like many others work tirelessly on so many projects. They have authored three books already and hare working on two now. Traveling around the world teaching in Canada before the conference and Russia just a few days after the schedule does not allow for much down time. With this in mind Sharon choregraphed the dance herself to music which she composed and sang herself. The song is a chant to the Guru in the form of Peace, Knowledge, Bliss and Absolute. David did a slide show that had many different great teachers. Sandhi and Sharon along with David and Louis really balanced each other well. Duncan was teaching at the conference as well so we got to hang a bit during and after. I hope you enjoy the pics.


Ann Whittaker said...

Hi Jules! Pleased to meet you! I'll be keeping my eyes out for any jivamukti in California.

Anonymous said...

It was an inspiring performance! Check out the dance on Youtube as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVBSD5_7KG8&feature=channel_page