Friday, October 3, 2008

Osaka Kyoto

Kyoto and Osaka

I took the train after teaching and dinner from Yokohama to Kyoto. Two students from the HHA class were also on the train so they helped me navigate a little. I was greeted at the station by the translator and super cool lady Chiho (Chiho and Tomoko in the picture below). She did all of the translating in the Kansai area. I checked into the Hotel and knocked out hard... The next morning we went to Osaka to teach HHA at a placed called Studio Yoggy (in the picture above). They have a very strong Anusara influnce and John Friend taught there before the Hong Kong conference. In fact it was the first non Anusara workshop they had ever had. The students were very receptive and the manager Tomoko was very sweet. After class I rode the train back to Kyoto 1 hour and taught again. This time at a place called Tamisa which is smaller but very sweet. By the end of class I was ready for a game of naps but as usual we went of for dinner with some students and talked about class, veganism and some were interested in the Jivamukti Teacher Training. For those of you in Japan interested in Jivamukti Teacher Training please visit

The next day I taught in Kyoto in the morning a class on What is Jivamukti Yoga then off to Osaka for another workshop. Both classes were great and sold out however classes in Japan have much more space between the mats then in the sates. Some of the studios I have taught at before know the drill and put people close but others are reluctant as they do not want to disturb the students. I can understand but I like it close and hot so we are working on it. After the two workshops Tomoko came and met us for dinner with her daughter. She was sooooo cute. I then got on the train for Fukouka for one of the best parts of the trip......

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