Monday, October 6, 2008

Tokyo Day 1 & 2


Thursday night I taught two classes at my favorite place in Tokyo, Flow Arts If you go to Tokyo please check them out especially Padmini. She has been helping me for the past 2 years with all of my travels and she is the reason that the classes at Flow Arts are mat to mat. No space in-between. The room is small and gets super hot and sweaty. Its sooooo much fun for me and the students. Many people say they only sweat this much twice a year when I come to town. We bagan with a Basic class then an Open class. I had flown in from Fukouka on the same day and byt the end of the night I was a little tired. Friday was the same schedule minus the flight. After the last class on Friday some of us went out for dinner and the main subject was teacher training. Many people are interested in the Jivamukti method but are afraid to come because of the language barrier. There are five book reports and they have to write and read in english. A friend of mine is taking the teacher training he is half Japanese and half Korean. He started a mixi page and is willing do start study groups in Japan or Korea to help people understand the readings and help with any writing. Padmini is also taking the training so you could ask her any questions you have as well. Again if you are interested please visit the mixi page started by Tomo he is willing to talk to people about questions and really would like to form a study group for people who would like to join and talk about the books and the book reports. (The picture is from last year but many of the same people came so I used it again. My cat chewed my camera charger so no camera for me)

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