Friday, October 10, 2008

Seoul Day 3

Thursday was a big day. We began teaching at Jai two classes one open and one basic. In the evening we went to teach at Ilsan which is about 40 minuets north west of Seoul at a place called Yoga-Holic.I had met the owner Shim at the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong. We showed up about 2 hours before the class was supposed to begin so we took a walk. Shim showed us Lake Park, there were parts that you could walk out a bit on what seemed like a plank about a shallow pond with huge lily pads. It was right before sunset and so the sky was beautiful on the way back to the center. The students were very open and receptive not to mention playful. It was great to look out at the faces. No one had taken a Jivamukti Yoga class before except for Michael. We began with a short journey into what is Jivamukti Yoga and then an open class. At the end of class Shim brought out fruit and we took pictures which he posted on the Yoga-Holic website. Afterwards Tomo and I drove back to . The following day friday was a holiday and I was hoping to see some people that until then did not have a chance to make it to class.

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