Thursday, October 9, 2008

Seouled Out

After an amazing time in Japan it was time to head for Korea or as my friend Michael Egan (Maru) insist Corea. I flew in on Tuesday the 1st of October and had a little time off. It was nice to not teach for almost 24hrs. When I go to Korea I stay with the super halfu Tomosapien also know as Tomo. He is the reason that I started teaching in Korea and has been the connection between me and the yoga community. He is one of the most generous people I know and I feel blessed to have him in my life. He came to an adjustment workshop in Japan about a year and a half ago and invited me to teach in Korea. It has been happening ever since. It was my third trip to Korea and each time it get better. I taught the following day at a space called Jai Yoga. One Basic class followed by an Open class. I was done with my day around 1 pm and we went out for some Bimibap. It is a traditional meal that is served in many places. It consist of a large bowl filled with rice. On top of the rice you have an assortment of veggies. You then put some kind of hot paste on top with some sesame oil and stir the whole thing up. It is really delicious and in fact I ate it almost every day. By the time we had finished eating and got back to the apartment I we were both a bit tired and ended up sleeping till the next day. The next day was a full one and we needed our rest.

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