Saturday, October 4, 2008



I arrived in Fukouka tuesday night and was greeted by two very special beings...Heeki and her husband Rejun. They were so hospitable and kind to me. They took me to eat at amazing places and one of the best parts was the dogs they have, one is Toltori which means smart dog. A super cute 14 year old Yorkshire. There are two other dogs Chihuahuas, Barbie and Wee Wee. Wee Wee is french (OuiOui) but I think she is the one that left me a little surprise next to my luggage so I call her Wee Wee like Pee Pee. I was only in Fukouka but one day but I taught three 2.5hrs workshops...First was Living Liberated (in the picture above left) then a workshop on adjustments then Chakra Tunning Jivamukti style. It was great and everyone really enjoyed. In fact it was a family affair. Heeki translated the two workshops at Yoga Breeze the first one her husband took along with his sister and mother. I did not realized they were all related until after class. The room got super hot and people got a good sweat in. The second class at YB was Chakra Tunning and it was in the evening. The adjustment class in the middle of the day was nice and small. There were 11 of us. Its really nice to have a small group. My friend Shiho an amazing DJ has a small studio space that only fits 11. Heeki and Rejun took me to some really delicious restaurants, they knew all of the little tradiotnal places that served veggy and vegan food. The next day I was very sad to leave Fukouka with such incredible hosts but I had a flight to Tokyo and was teaching that evening an Open class and a Basic class. So I say goodbye to the amazing space of Yoga Breeze and the Jivamukti family there and headed to Tokyo.

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Thanks for sharing your exciting travels to Japan! Its really fun to read all your blogs about what its like.